About VLEVA (EN)

Bridging the gap between Flanders and Europe

Our mission?

Opening up European policy to Flemish governments and civil society. This way they can promote their European interests in a timely and informed manner.
Creating a platform for Flanders in Europe, and underlining how important Europe is to Flanders. This is the main goal of the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe  (VLEVA).

How does VLEVA do that? 

Monitoring: VLEVA filters and analyses policy documents and translates it into clear and easy-to-read articles on its website. VLEVA organizes information sessions on EU-policy, has its very own EU-job database and offers a free EU-funding database. 

Building bridges: VLEVA believes that a good network is key to a proper exchange of information and promotion of interests. That is why we invest in good relationships with the EU-institutions and European regional offices based in Brussels. Have we already met? 

Promoting interests of its members: VLEVA does not lobby nor does it take up own positions. VLEVA supports its members and the Flemish government with their lobbying activities to make sure the right information is received by the right person at the right time.

Point of contact: VLEVA is your guide, free of charge. Do you have any questions on European initiatives? Are you looking for information on European funding or jobs? Or are you looking for Flemish partners for European projects? 

1 + 1= 3

VLEVA collaborates closely with the Flemish Representation within the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union, which officially represents the Flemish government in the EU.
The agenda of VLEVA is determined by the European priorities of its 33 members and of the Flemish government.  

Working with you

Are you looking for Flemish best practices or for a Flemish expert on a certain matter? We are glad to put you in contact with our broad network all over Flanders.
Attend our info sessions, which are not ‘members only’. 
At VLEVA, we like to bring Flemish stakeholders together during our English spoken info sessions. Keep track of our calendar for upcoming events.

Feel free to join us in European networks such as European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN), Peri-urban regions platform (Purple) and Regions working on Skills, Education and Training (ReSET). 

Are you looking for a specific Flemish partner to take part in a European funding project? Please send all the necessary information to info@vleva.eu and we will spread your request throughout our network in Flanders.