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Progress: Social policy experimentations supporting social investments



The scope of the call is to attract proposals designing social policy interventions in line with SIP  which contains three policy reforms strands to help Member States adapt their social protection systems to the societal challenges: 

  • Activating and enabling benefits and services to support people's inclusion in society and the labour market
  • Social protection systems to respond to people's needs throughout their lives
  • More  effective  and  efficient  spending  to  ensure  adequate  and  sustainable  social protection 


The  overall  indicative  amount  made  available  for  this  call  is  3 500 000  €.  The  grant requested must be 700 000 € minimum and 1 000 000 € maximum.  

1  000  000  €  will  be  allocated  to  projects  focusing  on  youth  opportunities  measures  in relation  to  the  objectives  of  this  call.  If  the quality  of  the  applications  dedicated  to  this theme is not judged sufficient by the Evaluation Committee, the Commission reserves the right to reallocate this budget to the applications addressing other themes.  

The European Union financial aid granted will not exceed 80% of the total eligible costs of the  action.  The  consortium  members  must  guarantee  the  co-financing  in  cash  of  the remaining 20%. Contributions in kind are not accepted as co-financing. 


The  social  policy  experimentation  project  has  to  be  submitted  by  a  consortium  of stakeholders involved in the process of social policy innovation.

Eligibility of the lead applicants and co-applicants: 

  • The lead applicant must be a public authority at central, regional or local level, or a body governed by public law. 
  • The lead applicant has to involve in the consortium at least one co-applicant. The co-applicants must be public authorities at central, regional or local level, and/or public bodies governed by public law, and/or civil society organisations, and/or private sector organisations. Including academic structures is strongly encouraged.  
  • Lead  applicants  and  co-applicants  must  be  properly  constituted  and  registered  legal persons, established in one of the PROGRESS participating countries 
  • All  co-applicants  need  to  confirm  by  commitment  letters  their  participation  in  the project. 

Info & contact

Before  the  final  date  for  submission  of  proposals,  at  the  request  of  the  applicant,  the European  Commission  may  provide  additional  information  solely  for  the  purpose  of clarifying the nature of the call. Any requests for additional information must be made in writing to

empl-VP-2013-012@ec.europa.eu indicating the reference VP/2013/012. 

Applicants  are  hereby  informed  that  in  the  interest  of  transparency  and  equal treatment of applicants, no queries will be dealt with by telephone.

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