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EaSI-PROGRESS: Mobility for Professionals



The general objective of the call is to test whether there is a need for a scheme for mobility for professionals with companies, in particular for SMEs and associations representing enterprises at European level. As part of the process of setting up and testing such a scheme, an analysis of the needs and feasibility to create it can be financed under this call.The testing (with a strong legal analytical dimension) could consist in an action supporting short term cross-border mobility for employees from a particular group of SMEs. The action could give financial support to a limited number of professionals identified for an exchange or a limited stay in another company. Consequently, the call aims to achieve the following operational objectives:

  1. To examine the state of play and the need for action at European level and the situation of SMEs, in particular to assess the demand for EU action and to identify the obstacles faced by companies, in particular SMEs, based on the compilation of information on existing similar or complementary schemes at national and European level, a survey carried among SMEs, workshops with employers, and consultations and market research among European organisations representing enterprises;
  2. To design, test and evaluate a pilot scheme supporting short term cross-border secondments for employees, in particular from small and medium companies taking into account the results of the survey and workshops with employers, the existing studies and the initiatives in place and the evaluation of the pilot scheme
  3. To explore possible options for a future EU intervention in this area, possible benefits and obstacles, taking into account the results of the results of the analysis and of the pilot action Measures to be financed under this call should encompass both an analytical component in order to assess the needs and obstacles and an action-oriented component in order achieve approx. 100 – 300 secondments.

General requirements on issues to consider for the activities funded under EaSI The EaSI Programme shall, in all its axes and actions, aim to:a) pay particular attention to vulnerable groups, such as young people;b) promote equality between women and men;c) combat discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation;d) promote a high-level of quality and sustainable employment, guarantee adequate and decent social protection, combat long-term unemployment and fight against poverty and social exclusion. Hence, in designing, implementing and reporting on the activity, beneficiaries must address the issues noted above and will be required to provide detail, in the final activity report on the steps and achievements made towards addressing those aims. Types of actions: The Commission aims to support actions of duration of 18 months consisting of the following components.

  • An analytical component: producing an analysis of needs and obstacles
  • An action-oriented component: a pilot scheme on short time cross border secondments and/or exchanges of employees.
  • Overall networking activities and coordination with the Commission

More details in the text of the call



Subject to the adoption of the 2015 Financing Decision for the EaSI programme, the total indicative amount available for this call for proposals is EUR 2 000 000. Due to the complex character of the action the Commission expects to co-finance one project under the present call. The Contracting Authority reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available.


Eligible applicants (lead applicant and co-applicants) must: 1. be properly constituted and registered legal entities.2. be established in one of the EaSI-PROGRESS participating countries, i.e.:- EU Member States.- EFTA/EEA countries, in accordance with the EEA Agreement (Iceland and Norway).- Candidate and potential candidate countries, in accordance with the general principles and the general terms and conditions laid down in the framework agreements concluded with them on their participation in Union programmes4. Eligible lead applicants must:

  • be employers organisations or associations representing the employers' interest established at European level

Info & contact

Alle details van de call leest u in op deze webpagina of in de bijlage. Alle vragen kunnen enkel per e-mail gesteld worden aan EMPL-VP-2015-009@ec.europa.eu. Gelieve niet te bellen.  Vragen kunnen tot 10 dagen voor de deadline van indiening gesteld worden. Nadien is er geen verplichting om nog op de vragen te antwoord.  


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