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EaSI: Call for proposals in the field of undeclared work (VP/2017/005)



The main objective of this call for proposals is to complement and add value to the activities indicated in the work programme of the European Platform tackling undeclared work. Other objectives are to develop and fund initiatives which shall contribute to enhancing the implementation, application, knowledge and better enforcement of EU and national law in the area of undeclared work, thus contributing to the reduction of undeclared work and to the emergence of the formal jobs. The knowledge gained from these projects should also help building up evidence-based knowledge for better policy design.

The priority is to co-finance actions fostering joint activities and cross-border projects of enforcement authorities improving their technical capacity in the field of preventing and deterrence of undeclared work. 

This will further enhance on-going cooperation between Member States enforcement authorities in line with Decision (EU) 2016/344 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016 on establishing a European Platform to enhance cooperation in tackling undeclared work.


The total budget earmarked for the EU co-financing of projects under this call is estimated at EUR 1,000,000.00.

For illustrative purposes, the Union funding per project is estimated to be not less than EUR 400,000.00. The Commission thus expects to award 2 – 3 grants.Under this call for proposals, the EU grant may not exceed 80.00% of the total eligible costs of the action. The applicants must guarantee their co-financing of the remainingamount covered by the applicants' own resources or from other sources other than the European Union budget..


To be eligible, applicants (sole/lead applicants, co-applicants) must:- Fall into one of the following categories:

  • Public enforcement authorities such as labour inspectorates, social security inspectorates, tax authorities, customs authorities, migration bodies, ministries in charge of tackling undeclared work, the police and the public prosecutor's office.
  • Social partner organisation at European, national or regional level (in derogation from point 6.1a), in application of Article 131 of the Financial Regulation, social partner organisations without legal personality are also eligible provided that the conditions of the Financial Regulation related thereto are met). Social partner organisations may be sole or lead applicant if officially entitled by law or institutional agreements to carry out enforcement tasks15. Other types of social partner organisations may be co-applicants.

- Be non-profit organisations (private or public);

Sole or lead applicants who are not officially appointed by Member States/EEA countries to the European Platform tackling undeclared work must present a letter of support issued by the respective senior representative in the Platform.

Actions may involve consortia (lead and co-applicant(s)).

Info & contact

Meer info: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=629&langId=en&callId=509&furt…



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