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VP/2016/15 - Fast track integration into the labour market for third country nationals targeting exclusively asylum seekers, refugees and their family members



The objectives of this Call are:• to promote the development and testing of innovative and effective mechanisms to ensure fast-track integration into the labour market;• to develop sustainable multi-level partnerships models conducive towards the integration of the targeted groups into the labour market;• to foster knowledge- and experience-sharing between different Member States of already functioning swift and successful insertion mechanisms into the labour market of the targeted groups, with a strong emphasis on the challenges faced by women7.


The total budget earmarked for the EU co-financing of projects under this call is estimated at EUR 14.200.000.The Commission expects to fund approximately 5 to 7 proposals.Under this call for proposals, the EU grant may not exceed 80 % of the total eligible costs of the action. Applicants must ensure their co-financing of the remaining amount covered by the applicants' own resources or from other sources other than the European Union budget11.


a) Place of establishmentLegal entities properly established and registered in the following countries are eligible as lead applicant and co-applicants:• EU Member States;• Iceland and Norway in accordance with the EEA Agreement;• Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

b) Type of entities• Lead applicant must be a public body (such as national, regional and local authorities or public employment services);• Co-applicant organisations must be public bodies, for-profit or non-profit-making private entities, or international organisations.c) ConsortiumTo be eligible, proposals must involve an international consortium made of at least 4 organisations (1 lead applicant + 3 co-applicants) with at least one established in an EU Member States and in principle at least one of the organisations in one of the candidate countries.

Regional offices and headquarter of international organisations are considered as the same entity and will be counted as one organisation in the consortium.

d) Affiliated entitiesAffiliated entities are not eligible under this call.

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