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European Solidarity Corps – occupational strand



Het Europees Solidariteitskorps heeft twee luiken: een vrijwilligersluik en een luik voor stages en jobs. Deze call gaat over het luik stages en jobs.

Corrigendum to the call text of 08/02/2017:
- This call aims to ensure around 6000 placements of European Solidarity Corps participants in the EU countries other than their country of residence.
- The revised total budget earmarked for the EU co-financing of projects under this call is estimated at EUR 14 243 895


The occupational strand of the European Solidarity Corps aims at providing young people with the opportunity of a job, traineeship or apprenticeship in sectors that are engaged in solidarity activities and have a demand for highly motivated and socially minded young people. In this context, the overall objective is to test and apply selection and matching processes to secure cross border placements of such young people.This call has three specific objectives:

  • to establish one large-scale consortium which is able to collect and offer occupational opportunities to European Solidarity Corps participants in a broad range of solidarity activities throughout the Union;
  • To implement the activities necessary for matching to and placing European Solidarity Corps participants in such opportunities in an EU country other than their country of residence and to help the participants and the employers concerned address the related mobility obstacles.
  • To report on targets and results achieved and identify recommendations, where appropriate, in the interest of the development of the European Solidarity Corps.

This call aims to ensure around 6000 placements of European Solidarity Corps participants 



The total budget earmarked for the EU co-financing of projects under this call isEUR 14,243.895. The final decision is expected by the end of January 2017 and will be announced in a corrigendum to the present call.

The Commission intends to fund a single proposal covering the entire budget.

Under this call for proposals, the EU grant may not exceed 95 % of the total eligiblecosts of the action. The applicants must guarantee their co-financing of the remaining amount covered by the applicants' own resources or from other sources other than the European Union budget.


To be eligible, applications must:

  • be presented by a consortium composed of a minimum of five organisations established in at least five different Member States;
  • include in the consortium at least two Public Employment Services at central level with responsibility in the area of cross border matching and placement in the EU territory, being either the National Coordination Office or the PES appointed as a Member of the EURES network in accordance with Article 10 of the EURES Regulation.

Other members of the consortium could include other member organisations in theEURES network (Members and Partners according to the EURES Regulation), Private Employment Services, humanitarian NGO's, employers' organisations, public bodies, third sector organisations with a social mission and international organisations such as the Red Cross above international organisations whose registered office is outside the EU Member States are also eligible. 

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