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Multi-annual call European Rail Traffic Management System



The overall purpose is to achieve enhanced consolidation of ERTMS deployment throughout the rail market. In this respect, any TEN-T funds granted to on board equipment under this call entail the obligation for the equipped trains to remain and operate in EU territory for at least 5 years following the completion of the respective Action. Transit through non-EU countries is not considered as compromising this obligation.  Such consolidation should concretely ensure that, as soon as possible, ERTMS equipped vehicles can cross borders on ERTMS equipped lines, without any additional compatibility tests being necessary.  The Actions to be funded shall focus on facilitating and speeding up implementation of the European Deployment Plan, in particular on the ERTMS corridors' sections that shall be equipped by 2015, on upgrading lines and vehicles, retrofitting vehicles as well as on performing test campaigns of the Baseline 3 test specifications.  Priority areas: Priority Area 1: ETCS track-side deployment on ERTMS Corridors according to the European Deployment Plan Priority Area 2: Upgrade of lines to ETCS Baseline 2 Release 2.3.0d or vehicles to ETCS Baseline 2 Release 2.3.0d or Baseline 3 Priority Area 3: Retrofitting vehicles with ETCS Baseline 2 Release 2.3.0d or Baseline 3Priority Area 4: Maintenance of the test specifications for ETCS 


The total requested Union contribution to the eligible costs of a proposed Action, may not be less than €500,000 EUR. 


Applications must be presented by: 

  • one or more Member States, and / or 
  • with the agreement of the Member States concerned, by international organisations, joint undertakings, or public or private undertakings. 

 Project proposals submitted by natural persons are not eligible. 

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