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Multi-annual call Air Traffic Management



Achieving the Single European Sky (SES) is a key priority in European aviation policy. The SES initiative aims to enhance the overall efficiency of the way in which European airspace is organised and managed by improving the performance of ATM in Europe by modernising and harmonising systems, enhancing the civil-military interoperability, reducing fragmentation and consolidating the provision of air navigation services, in particular services other than air traffic services. The objective N 4 ENin this area is to support the timely implementation of the SES and in particular to support the deployment of SESAR, its technological pillar. The actions, works or studies, to be supported in this domain should:  1. Support the development of those air navigation and other services and activities, other than air traffic services, that are linked to and support the provision of air traffic services and that have the highest potential for improving efficiency when provided on the basis of market principles and improved customer value at regional, FABs and/or central level. The supported actions should aim to identify the infrastructure needs for these potential services and explore and demonstrate the most efficient means of deploying and managing such infrastructure so that the services could be provided in consistency with the SES legal framework and SESAR deployment. To this end the supported actions should: 

  • primarily cover preparatory activities, such as feasibility studies and/or cost/benefits analysis, and demonstration activities; 
  • be complementary and consistent with the SESAR project (development and deployment); and 
  • clearly distinguish between infrastructure needs for services related to the operations of the European ATM network and those related to the provision of ATM/CNS infrastructures. 

2. Facilitate the activities and processes that are necessary to initiate the industrialisation of ATM functionalities included in common projects defined in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 409/2013.  3. Facilitate those activities that implement the Interim Deployment Programme (IDP) under the Interim Deployment Steering Group (IDSG) and prepare for the transition to SESAR deployment.  


The indicative budget available to support projects selected in the field of Air Traffic Management (ATM) is € 30 million. Budget transfers between fields/priorities under the 2013 multi-annual calls are allowed. The total requested Union contribution to the eligible costs of a proposed Action, may not be less than €500,000 EUR. 


Applications must be presented by: 

  • one or more Member States, and / or 
  • with the agreement of the Member States concerned, by international organisations, joint undertakings, or public or private undertakings. 

 Project proposals submitted by natural persons are not eligible. 

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