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Connecting Europe Facility - Transport - meerjarige oproep doelstelling 3



De voornaamste doelstelling van het programma CEF transport is om het TEN-T netwerk met corridors tegen 2030 te vervolledigen. The call addresses the following priorities:

  • Single European Sky - SESAR
  • River Information Services
  • Intelligent Transport Services for Road (ITS)
  • Motorways of the Sea
  • Actions implementing transport infrastructure in nodes of the core 
  • network, including urban nodes and
  • Connections to and development of multimodal logistics platforms

A proposal submitted under this call must address either works or studies (including studies with pilot activities).


 The indicative amounts to be allocated on the basis of this call for proposals for projects of common interest in these specified areas are:

  • EUR 285,000,000 for Single European Sky – SESAR;
  • EUR 21,850,000 for River Information Services;
  • EUR 68,750,000 for Intelligent Transport Services for Road;
  • EUR 250,000,000 for Motorways of the Sea;
  • EUR 50,000,000 for Actions implementing transport infrastructure in nodes of the core network, including urban nodes; and
  • EUR 55,000,000 for connections to and development of multimodal logistics platforms


 Pursuant to Article 9 of the CEF Regulation, only those proposals submitted by one of the following types of applicants are eligible: One or more Member States; With the agreement of the Member States concerned, international organisations, joint undertakings, or public or private undertakings or bodies established in Member States; Proposals may be submitted by entities which do not have legal personality under the applicable national law, provided that their representatives have the capacity to undertake legal obligations on their behalf and offer guarantee for the protection of the Union's financial interests equivalent to that offered by legal persons. The proposals submitted by natural persons shall not be eligible 

Info & contact

Any additional specific questions related to this call may be addressed to the helpdesk email:INEA-CEF-transport-calls-2014@ec.europa.eu.  Alle documenten van deze oproep vindt u op http://inea.ec.europa.eu/download/calls2014/cef_transport/calltexts/140… In Vlaanderen kunt u terecht bij  Vlaamse Overheid – Afdeling Algemeen BeleidOlivier VandersnicktKoning Albert II-laan 20, bus 5, 1000 BrusselT 02 553 71 19E olivier.vandersnickt@mow.vlaanderen.bewww.mobielvlaanderen.be Meer informatie vindt u ook in de presentaties van de infosessie "Europese subsidies voor transport" 

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