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URBACT Good Practice Call now open



We all know that in these difficult times cities face ever increasing urban challenges linked to demographic change, climate and environmental targets, unemployment and urban poverty to name but a few. As urban practitioners, we are all seeking practices which are relevant and overcome these barriers.

Such practices, as far as URBACT is concerned, come in all shapes and sizes, all themes and topics. And when we say ‘good practice’ we do not necessarily mean something grand, innovative and demonstrating excellence.

URBACT believes that your city has ‘hidden’ good practices which interest other European cities and they do not need to be any of the above. What is more, the opportunity to learn from peers and adapt and reuse tried and tested practices without reinventing the wheel is an attractive option when scarcity of resources is a daily discussion.

If you want to know more about our definition of a good practice, read HERE.

For this reason, URBACT is launching a Good Practice Call.


This call invites your city to come forward with your good practices in the field of sustainable integrated urban development to: Be part of the pioneering group of URBACT Good Practices to be widely promoted at EU and international levelBe able to share the Good Practice within the framework of a Transfer Network (Call to be published in September 2017)All the cities with selected good practices will be awarded the title URBACT Good Practice City. The label will provide your city with the recognition and visibility it deserves for the results accomplished. Furthermore, a specially conceived mix of communication and promotional activities will be put in place to promote the label, your city’s practice and the story that lies behind it.  First of all, a Good Practice Festival will be organised in September 2017, where all the selected cities with good practices will take part and have the opportunity to network with European and city policy-makers. Other materials such as publications, presentations, videos and infographics will be produced and shared with urban practitioners from all over Europe, making sure that your story gets known. By becoming an URBACT Good Practice City, you’ll have the chance to advocate for sustainable and integrated urban development at URBACT events and capacity-building activities (workshops and conferences at programme and project level) including the activities related to the contribution to Urban Agenda for EU. Last but not least, the label will also allow you to share your experience within the framework of a Transfer Network. This will not only allow you to lead and mentor the process of understanding and reusing your practice, but also to better refine and improve it by using an in-depth peer-review methodology.


First of all, in order to facilitate your application process we drafted an “easy to read” Terms of References which shall provide you with all the relevant information regarding the Good Practice Call. To submit your application, you need to follow a 2-step submission procedure: Step 1 The facilitated application process by using an “easy to use” online application form. Accessible HERE. As an applicant you will need to fill in your information and answer 13 qualitative questions that will provide the Assessment panel with the necessary information about your good practice. Step 2 You shall send us by email - goodpracticecall@urbact.eu, the ‘support package’ with the following elements: COMPULSORY -          Good Practice Summary with no more than 5000 characters -          2 photos presenting your good practice OPTIONAL Materials – short documents, infographics, video, etc. - you may deem relevant for supporting the information provided in the application form (in English or with English summary). Before you start, please read carefully the terms of reference of the Good practice Call. In case of having any uncertainties please feel free to contact us by email – goodpracticecall@urbact.eu after you have consulted our FAQ Section dedicated to the present call. 

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