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Eerste oproep Interreg-programma Noordzeeregio



The North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 invites the submission of applications for funding under all programme priorities from 27 April to 30 June 2015: 

  • Priority 1 - Thinking Growth: Supporting growth in North Sea Region economies
  • Priority 2 - Eco-Innovation: Stimulating the green economy
  • Priority 3 - Sustainable North Sea Region: Protecting against climate change and preserving
  • the environment
  • Priority 4 - Promoting green transport and mobility

 Project applicants may submit both expressions of interest and full applications within this period. Projects will be assessed over the summer break and decisions will be taken by the programme Steering Committee in autumn 2015. Please note: A new two-step application procedure has been put in place for the 2014 - 2020 period. This means that all project developers are first asked to submit an expression of interest. If the programme’s Steering Committee approves the expression of interest, the project will be asked to develop and submit a full application. If this is approved, the project will receive a contract and can start work. For this first call only, projects are able to submit either an expression of interest or a full application – meaning that it is possible to skip the expression of interest.



All partners can claim reimbursement of 50% of costs for all project activities though applicants should always check the specific conditions for each call for proposals for information on the total funds still available and any special funding terms that may apply. There is no formal minimum or maximum budget for projects but projects will be assessed on value for money and larger projects will be expected to deliver significant benefits to the programme area. 


  • The North Sea Region programme is open to anyone in the programme area, which is the whole of Norway and Denmark, eastern parts of the United Kingdom, the Flemish Region of Belgium, northwest Germany, the northern and western parts of the Netherlands and the south western area of Sweden.
  • You apply as part of a partnership. Every partnership must include at least 2 beneficiaries from 2 different countries. However, projects should have a positive effect on large parts of the programme area so only meeting the minimum requirements will generally be a weakness.
  • You need to be a legal entity (organization or enterprise) based in the programme area in order to apply. Partners from outside the programme area can be part of a partnership under special conditions.

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