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European JPI Climate Joint Call for Transnational Collaborative Research Projects



The Joint Programming Initiative 'Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (JPI Climate)' - established to tackle the grand societal challenge of Climate Change - aims to facilitate integrated climate knowledge and decision support services for societal innovation towards a climate-friendly and climate-proof Europe. JPI Climate provides a platform for aligning national research priorities, coordinating the research base in Europe, and responding to the needs of the European society, through innovative inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches and flexible collaborative governance. This Call for proposals aims to support excellent research on topics of high societal relevance in Europe and globally, recognising that these challenges demand joint efforts through multinational approaches. JPI Climate invites you to form a consortium, consisting of partners from the participating countries and others, preferably bringing together different scientific disciplines in addressing the issues within the scope of the described call topics. The projects should demonstrate clear links to decisions makers and users of climate knowledge as well as possible change agents in society. They should be genuinely collaborative and demonstrate that by working together you will achieve more than by individual partners working on their own. Within each selected consortium, funding of the participating researchers will be provided by their respective national funding organisation according to their normal terms and conditions for project funding. Funding decisions will be made in summer 2014. Two broad topics have been selected for this first call of JPI Climate: Topic 1: Societal Transformation in the face of Climate ChangeTopic 2: Russian Arctic & Boreal Systems


The amount of public funding available for transnational collaborative research projects through this call is estimated up to 12 million Euros.


Consortia must include partners from at least three of the European countries participating in the call. Involvement of partners from civil society, politics, administration or industry for co-designing research questions and co-production of knowledge is explicitly invited.

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