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ESPON: Impacts of refugee flows to territorial development in Europe (Call for tender)



The objective of this service is to provide evidence on the regional and urban aspects of refugee migration to Europe focusing on different types of European regions and cities.


More concretely, the objective of this activity is to receive answers to the following key policy questions:

  • How does the distribution of asylum seekers and refugees look like at regional and urban level and how has this been changing over time as a result of European and national policy decisions in recent decades?
  • What skills and qualifications do the refugees possess and how does the influx of refugees impact the recipient countries´ regional and local labour markets and demographic imbalances (especially concerning regions which are facing the challenges of losing population and ageing)? Do the skills and qualifications meet the needs of local labour markets and how do they compete with local population and regular migrants?
  • How are different European regions and cities located in arrival, transit and destination countries responding to the refugee crisis in terms of providing humanitarian aid, services (accommodation, material support, healthcare provision, education, language courses, labour market programmes), community building, internal distribution of refugees and medium and long term integration? How does the diversity within Europe in terms of integration policies at regional and local levels look like?
  • What are the main challenges and what are the good policy responses and the best practices for successful integration of refugees into the local communities, societies and labour markets at regional and local levels? What kind of support do they need? How successful have the integration measures been in the past? How to improve the use of existing funding opportunities? Is there a need to improve the legislation?
  • What kind of impacts would the implementation of the proposal of European relocation scheme generate to European countries regions and cities? How are countries redistributing refugees internally? What are the main concerns for the host countries and communities?


The maximum available budget for this contract is EUR 800,000.00, exclusive of VAT but inclusive of all other taxes, disbursements, travel, accommodation and delivery costs.

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The documentation related to the Call, such as technical specifications, annexes, questions and answers, can be accessed free of charge, until 7 days before submission deadline, as follows:

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