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Pilot project: media literacy for all



The objective of the pilot project is to develop actions aimed at increasing the critical thinking towards the media among citizens of all ages and to test the feasibility and usefulness of such actions. Critical thinking includes, among other skills, the ability to distinguish information from propaganda, to deconstruct media communication and to interact with social media in a mindful way.

Media is to be understood as covering all kinds of media and through all kinds of channels.

The projects target citizens of all age groups and some of the actions would tackle minorities, low-skilled people and people at risk of being socially marginalised.


The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is estimated EUR 250 000(two hundred fifty thousand euro).

The maximum budget per project will be EUR 125 000 (one hundred twenty fivethousand euros)

The EU grant is limited to a maximum co-funding rate of 75% of eligible costs. 


The European Commission expects projects to cover at least five Member States, with a minimum coverage of three EU official languages.

Only applications from legal entities established in the EU Member States are eligible.

Application may be submitted by one applicant, whether established specifically or not for the action, provided that:

  • it is formed of one or several legal entities, all of which complying with the eligibility, non-exclusion and selection criteria set out in this call for proposals, and implementing together the proposed action;
  • the application identifies the said entities.


Info & contact

Meer infoPilot project - Media literacy for all

Contact: Ms Lorena Boix Alonso, T: 02 299 00 09, E: CNECT_I1_ML_PP@ec.europa.eu 


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