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Call for making science education and careers attractive for young people 2015



Knowledge-based societies need to make science education and careers attractive for young people in order to allow scientifically literate citizens to actively participate all along their life to their development, and to enable them to opt for a scientific career. To reach this objective, this call will aim at:

  • Developing scientific citizenship by promoting innovative pedagogies in science education, attracting more young people towards science, with a special emphasis on girls, and addressing the challenges faced by young people, in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and innovation;
  • Developing Responsible Research and Innovation in Higher Education Curricula;
  • Easing the access to scientific careers by increasing the service level of the
  • EURAXESS Services Network.

 These activities are targeted to citizens and their associations or groupings, with primary, secondary and higher education establishments, science museums, libraries, but also media, artists, creative industries, as well as researchers and innovators, policy makers at national, regional and local levels, research organisations, etc. The expected outcome of European Commission actions is to improve the science- literacy and the responsibility of citizens as well as their access to scientific careers. Specifieke onderdelen:SEAC-1-2015: Innovative ways to make science education and scientific careers attractive to young peopleSEAC-4-2015: EURAXESS outreach activities    




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