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Grants for actions to support training in conference interpreting – academic year 2016-2017



Grants for actions to support training in conference interpreting – academic year 2016-2017 (organisation of Master/Post-graduate courses). Please note that these grants concern universities and interpreting schools only. Information about bursaries to individual students can be found on our bursaries page. The Directorate General for Interpretation of the European Commission provides grants to co-finance actions which support conference interpreting training. 10 action grants were awarded for the academic year 2014-2015 and 11 action grants for the academic year 2015-2016.


Complete text of the call

Detailed information on financial support and budget availability for conference interpretation training is contained in the 2016 work programme of DG Interpretation. This is the legal basis for the financial assistance granted by the European Commission to universities training interpreter students.

The application form for the academic year 2016-2017 is available under point 10."Submission of grant applications" .


As a provider of an inter-institutional service, DG Interpretation’s mission requires it to ensure that a sufficient number of qualified conference interpreters are available to enable the European Union's institutions to function properly. This programme contributes to this mission by supporting the following actions in the field of interpreter training:

  • the promotion of quality and linguistic diversity in the teaching of interpreting in the official languages of the EU and of the candidate countries;
  • the establishment and support of postgraduate centres of excellence;
  • cooperation among postgraduate courses from different Member States and from candidate countries; and
  • the development of innovative pilot projects. 


Deadline for submitting applications: 31st May 2016

Meetings Evaluation Committee: June – July 2016

Award information to applicants: July 2016

Conclusion of grant agreements: July – October 2016

Starting date of the action: not earlier than submission of the application

Ending date of the action: preferably 31st July 2017, no later than 30/9/2017




The total budget for 2016 is up to EUR 738,000, estimated at approximately EUR 450,000 for grants to universities and other bodies and EUR 288,000 for bursaries and other targeted activities


Eligible applicants

  • Universities, university institutes, consortia and associations of universities or institutes, legally established in a Member state or in a candidate country, which offer or coordinate courses specialising in conference interpreting;
  • Associations, consortia and similar bodies, legally established in a Member state or in a candidate country, whose main mission is to support cooperation and disseminate best practices in the field of conference interpreting training.

Info & contact

European Commission Directorate General for InterpretationB-1049 Brussels



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