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Centres of Vocational Excellence: what, how and when?

25 oktober 2019 10:00 – 12:00

Now that the Erasmus negotiations have started and vocational education is more and more being recognized as an important part of education systems in Europe, and in the context of the Vocational Skills Week, the ReSET-network (Regions: skills, education and training) is having a timely debate on a new feature of the Erasmus+-programme that wants to elevate the quality and availability of VET-education: Centers of Vocational Excellence. 

These centers of vocational excellence will support the development of trans-national platforms of centres of vocational excellence closely integrated in local and regional strategies for growth, innovation and competitiveness. They will act as drivers of quality vocational skills in a context of national, regional/local, and sectorial challenges, while supporting overall structural changes and socio-economic policies in the European Union. 

Centres of Vocational Excellence: what, how and when?


10h15 - 10h30
Welcome coffee

10h30 - 11h00:       
What are the Centers of Vocational Excellence? 
     Jan Varchola - 
Team Leader - VET policies, instruments and evidence - DG EMPL 

11h - 11h45:         
Presentation by a selected pilot project on the Centres of Vocational Excellence
     Pieter De Jong - WETSUS Policy Officer

11h45 - 12h15
CoVE in the context of regional innovation (S3)
     John Edwards - 
Project Officer - Scientific Research / KfG Unit - Joint Research Centre 


This information event is taking place at VLEVA (Kortenberglaan 71) on the 25th of October from 10u to 12u. Registration is below and if there are any questions you can send them to maarten.libeer@vleva.eu

ReSET (Regions working on Skills, Education and Training) is a network of European Regions that provides a structure for positive interaction on the broader education and skills agenda, both between local and regional stakeholders and with the European Institutions. Information exchanging, partner searching and project development are the three main activities. 


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