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National or transnational e-Justice projects



This call for proposals will support the implementation of e-Justice projects within the European e-Justice Portal and at national level, in as far as they have a European dimension. Priority will be given to projects aiming at joining or enhancing existing or on-going e-Justice portal projects, such as:

  • Interconnection of National Insolvency Registers (IRI);
  • Find a Lawyer (FAL);
  • Find a Notary (FAN);
  • Find a Bailiff (FAB);
  • Implementation of the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) in case law repositories and interconnection with the e-Justice Portal;
  • e-Codex.

Transnational projects will receive a higher priority than purely national ones.  This call will fund IT activities and other relevant activities linked with the European e- Justice Strategy and its Action Plan. Project activities under this call would in principle include analytical, conceptual, design and elaboration work, IT software development, quality assurance and related auxiliary measures necessary for the establishment of new IT systems, as well as the expansion and adaptation of existing national and transnational solutions towards addressing the objectives of the call. Activities relating to project management, content preparation, editorial work, communication, promotion and dissemination are also eligible for funding.


The indicative available budget under this call for proposals is: 2 755 000 EUR.he EU grant requested cannot be lower than EUR 75 000. There is no upper limit.


Applicants and partners must comply with the following requirements:(a) Legal status: Applicants and partners must be legally constituted public or private organisations, or international organisations. Bodies set up by the European Union falling under Article 208 of the Financial Regulations (EU bodies and institutions) are not eligible for funding and cannot submit applications. They can be associated to an application, but their costs will not be co-financed. Only legally constituted organisations can participate. Natural persons (private individuals) are not allowed to submit applications. (b) Non-profit: The applicant must be non-profit-oriented. This will be assessed on the basis of the statutes of the organisation, in particular whether those allow for the possibility to distribute profit to members/shareholders. Bodies and organisations which are profit-oriented shall have access to grants only as partners. (c) Eligible country: Applicant and partners must be legally established in a EU Member State, except for UK and DK. This is not applicable for International organisations.

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