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Sustainable Food Security 2015 - 2 stages



Ensuring the availability of and access to sufficient safe and nutritious food is a key priority that impacts all EU citizens and needs to be ensured today and in the future. At the same time the production and processing of food is a key economic activity providing jobs, skills and training, attracting investments, supporting rural and urban economies and also shaping landscapes. to progress towards sustainable food production systems, priority will be given in 2014 to minimising pre-harvest losses (including in aquaculture and fisheries), improving soil management and genetic resources supporting agricultural diversity and regional products, while 2015 will focus on improved livestock and crop productivity and genetics for sustaining agriculture. To support the production of safe food and healthy diets, priority will be given to food safety and to sustainable and competitive food production in 2014, and to nutrition in 2015. Finally, to integrate global drivers of food security, 2014 will focus on improving the understanding of current and future drivers of food security whereas in 2015 the contribution of the small farming sector will be investigated.  SFS-02b-2015: Assessing soil-improving cropping systemsSFS-05-2015: Strategies for crop productivity, stability and qualitySFS-10b-2015: Scientific basis and tools for preventing and mitigating farmed mollusc diseasesSFS-13-2015: Biological contamination of crops and the food chainSFS-16-2015: Tackling malnutrition in the elderlySFS-20-2015: Sustainable food chains through public policies: the cases of the EU quality policy and of public sector food procurementSFS-01c-2015: Assessing sustainability of terrestrial livestock productionSFS-07b-2015: Management and sustainable use of genetic resourcesSFS-11b-2015: Consolidating the environmental sustainability of European aquacultureSFS-18-2015: Small farms but global markets: the role of small and familiy farms in food and nutrition security 




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