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Design, Implementation, Promotion and Marketing of Accessible Tourism Itineraries



The specific objectives of this call are:

  • To foster adaptation of tourism products and services to the needs of people with special access needs
  • To promote equal opportunity and social inclusion of people with special access needs
  • To improve skills and training with relation to accessibility in the tourism supply chain
  • To help mainstreaming accessibility in all segments of the  tourism supply chain, while at the same time creating a seamless chain of accessibility in tourism
  • To promote, market and disseminate best practices in accessible tourism
  • To provide adequate support and guidance to SMEs
  • To enhance  the quality and diversify the offer  of accessible tourism experiences in Europe

The proposals should aim at achieving the following expected results: 

  • New partnerships and better cooperation amongst local authorities/relevant tourism authorities and agencies,  tourism operators, in particular SMEs, training providers and disability stakeholders
  • A stronger focus on accessibility in local tourism development agendas and strategies
  • Creation of a "critical mass" of accessible destinations, attractions, sites and tourism-related services, as mainstream products providing quality and value-for-money
  • Better trained staff, better skills, higher satisfaction levels form travellers and a  more positive image of the destinations concerned, thus boosting the overall image of Europe as a tourism destination
  • Attracting more tourists, and maintaining viable tourism flows in the low-season.
  • Positive returns for businesses, especially SMEs and micro-SMEs


Maximum EU Contribution per project : € 125.000


Applicants should act in consortium with partner organisations. The consortium should include: At least four SME – Small and Medium Sized enterprise - acting in the tourism sector. At least one of the applicants must be: 

  • a Ministry (public national governmental authority), in charge of tourism and/or regional development or any other area which is in relation to the object of the proposal.
  • OR a National Tourist Organisation (NTO) being in charge of national tourism promotion under condition that a letter from the Ministry is provided indicating this NTO as an organisation to which the implementation of the project is entrusted on behalf of the Ministry.
  • OR a regional or local public governmental authority (For the purpose of this call, a regional or local public governmental authority is considered as: region, province, department, municipality, county, city council, commune).
  • OR a network or association of regional or local public governmental authorities. 

Other Applicants not referred under points 1.1 and 1.2 above, intending to act as coordinators or as consortium partners shall correspond to the definition of the following target organisations active in the field of tourism or any other field that is strictly related to the object of the proposal such as : 

  • Academic training or education establishments 
  • Chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of handicrafts or similar bodies and their umbrella Associations. 
  • Not-for profit/Non-governmental organisations, civil society organizations, foundations, think-tanks, disability organisations and charities 16 | Page
  • Umbrella associations, networks or federations of public or private bodies, whose core activity falls under the following fields: tourism, regional development or any other field that is strictly related to the object of the proposal; 
  • International, European and national organisations/associations active in the field of tourism and related fields 
  • Federations and associations operating in partnership across the borders of a number of countries with a proven cross-border outreach. 
  • Enterprises (and their umbrella organisations/federations) acting in the tourism sector namely in one of the following fields:  tourist accommodation; catering; travel agencies and tour operators; attractions; leisure (recreational, cultural and sporting activities); tourism related transport; other tourism related fields if their relevance to the project proposal is duly justified by the applicant 
  • National, regional, local tourism organisations, public and private agencies related to tourism promotion and marketing
  • Public and private bodies whose core activity falls under the following fields: tourism, regional development or any other field that is strictly related to the object of the proposal.

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