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BIOTECHNOLOGY 2014 - 2 stages



Biotechnology projects are expected to develop generic technology building blocks enabling true stepping stones towards solutions to a number of societal challenges: Better health (SC1); Low-carbon energy generation (SC3); Resource- and energy- efficiency and industrial pollution reduction (SC5).  Moreover, for the bio-based industries JTI, together with Societal Challenge 2 (Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bio-economy) contribution, activities will include biotechnology-based solutions for the cost-competitive and sustainable conversion of biomass into industrial products.. In addition, biotechnology is relevant for a number of focus areas (blue growth, sustainable food security, competitive low-carbon energy, energy efficiency, waste, water, personalised medicine). In some instances biotechnology is specifically stated in the context of some topics (e.g. blue growth). In other cases it is one of the technologies that the participants can use to address the specific challenges.   Specifieke onderwerpen (klik op de link): 





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