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URBACT: Overdracht van goede praktijken geïntegreerde duurzame stedelijke ontwikkeling



Het URBACT-programma gaat op zoek naar instrumenten en methoden voor de overdracht van goede praktijken op het vlak van geïntegreerde duurzame stedelijke ontwikkeling.  Daarom opende URBACT een subsidieoproep om vier kleinschalige pilootprojecten op te starten.  Objectives:

  • To support the validation of good practices through the transfer (re-use) by cities in the framework of a transnational exchange and learning project.
  • To identify the key elements of success for the transfer of the selected practices.
  • To explore how transnational cooperation can support the identification, validation, dissemination and active in-take of good practices in the field of integrated sustainable urban development (with a focus on the EU2020 objectives).

 Timeframe will be 16 months (starting December 2013, completing by April 2015).



The budget of the Pilot Transfer Networks will range from 250.000 to 400.000 EUR depending on the number of partners involved. Cities will need to consider their financial contribution to the project as ERDF co-financing is fixed at a maximum of 70% for competitiveness regions and 80% for convergences regions. 


Target beneficiaries: European cities, municipalities, infra municipal bodies and organized agglomerations of the member and partner states (27 member states plus Norway and Switzerland).  Partnerships will be composed of minimum 3 and maximum 5 cities, including the Lead partner city.  Partners shall be from minimum 3 different member/partner states.  One partner minimum shall be from a convergence region. 

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