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Europe for Citizens - Town Twinning (EACEA 36/2014)



What is it for ?

  • To foster European citizenship and improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level
  • To encourage democratic participation of citizens at EU level
  • To support concrete participation in the EU policy-making process

This strand supports:

  • Activities covering civic participation, focusing in particular on European Union policies
  • Initiatives developing opportunities for mutual understanding, intercultural learning, solidarity, societal engagement and volunteering at EU level

Town twinning – supporting projects bringing together citizens from twinned towns. By mobilising citizens at local and EU levels to debate on concrete issues from the European political agenda, this measure will seek to promote civic participation in the EU policy making process and develop opportunities for societal engagement and volunteering at EU level


All info: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/europe-for-citizens/funding/town-twinning-1_en

Programme guide


The maximum eligible grant for a project is 25 000 EUR

The maximum project duration is 21 days


Town/municipalities or their twinning committees or other non-profit organisations representing local authorities. A project must involve municipalities from at least 2 eligible countries, of which at least one is an EU Member State.

Info & contact

EACEA - Unit C1 Europe for Citizens

Avenue du Bourget, 1 (BOUR 01/04A)B-1049 Brussels - BelgiumFax:+32 2 296 23 89;http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/europe-for-citizens

Democratic engagement and civic participation:



Er is ook een Nationaal Contactpunt voor Vlaanderen:

Europe for Citizens Contact Point Belgium (Vlaamse Gemeenschap)Departement Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en MediaArenbergstraat, 9B-1000 BrusselContact: Ms Delphine Dumon, CoordinatorTel: +32 2 553 4168

E-mail: delphine.dumon@cjsm.vlaanderen.be

Web: http://www.cjsm.vlaanderen.be

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