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Civitas Activity Fund



The mission of the CAPITAL project is to contribute significantly to the goals of the European Union's Transport White Paper by capitalising systematically on the results of CIVITAS and creating an effective "value chain" for urban mobility innovation. This third call of the CAPITAL Activity Fund focuses mainly on interesting, practical and relevant tools that have been developed, applied, tested and/or evaluated during the 4 phases of the CIVITAS initiative so far. Tools can cover any of the CIVITAS themes and can also address topics such as planning, evaluation, business models and exploitation. Three other opportunities are also available via this call. Individual selection criteria, co-funding amounts and application processes are applicable for these opportunities  The catalogue of tools is online. This will help you to get a good idea of the types of partners and activities that you could include in your proposal. Look at the mobility situation in your city and see if the catalogue gives you some inspiration on how to address the challenges that you are facing. The tools have been divided into Thematic tools, Horizontal tools and CAPITAL tools.   


The Activity Fund budget for the third call is €60,000. Per take-up level, 2-3 projects are expected to be co-funded. The maximum amounts of co-funding per take-up level and proposal are €5,000 (being inspired), €5,000 (structural dialogue), €7,500 (studies) and €10,000 (systematic transfer). 


  • It involves at least one legal entity established in a Member State of the European Union, Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland or Turkey;
  • Legal entities involved in previous demonstration or support projects co-funded by the CIVITAS Initiative are eligible to apply. However, activities that have been previously (co-) funded by CIVITAS cannot be co-funded again. A ‘CIVITAS city' is considered to be either CIVITAS demonstration city, a CIVITAS Forum Network city or a member city of a regional or national CIVITAS Network (CIVINET);
  • It involves a ‘CIVITAS city’ either as a pioneer city or a take-up city for the process towards take-up of successful sustainable urban mobility measures

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