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Growing a low carbon, resource efficient economy with a sustainable supply of raw materials 2014



This call forms part of an overall focus on investing in innovation for a green economy. The multi-disciplinary research and innovation required to effectively tackle this challenge in a sustainable way entails pooling complementary knowledge and resources, including the active involvement of socio-economic disciplines. The dissemination and uptake of research and innovation results by policy-makers, businesses and society at large is encouraged to empower actors at all levels of society to actively participate in this process. Actions under this call aim to support businesses in developing and bringing to the market eco-innovative solutions and to encourage their take-up by public authorities in their procurement practices. They will also help move towards a new era of climate information systems and services, which can provide accessible, high quality and ultimately useful data for the public sector, business and society. Actions under this call also aim to improve our understanding of the complex interactions within, across and between ecosystems and the different elements driving changes in the environment, in order to better tackle these challenges and to use the available knowledge e.g. to make ecosystem restoration more effective. Actions will address the need to both usefully harness Earth Observation data and to engage citizens in developing systems for effective transfer of environmental knowledge for the benefit of scientists, policy makers, business and society. Actions will also focus on sustainable access to and production of raw materials to ensure significant reduction in resource use and a secure and sustainable supply of key raw materials. Finally, a number of actions under this call aim to bring together and better coordinate research and innovation actions within Europe and beyond, accompanied by timely and open exchange of information and research results, to enhance the impact of research and innovation and ensure a more efficient use of scientific developments for policy, business and citizens. Given the transnational and global nature of the climate and the environment, their scale and complexity, as well as of the raw materials supply chain, activities are foreseen at both EU level and beyond. In addition to bilateral and regional cooperation, EU level actions will also support relevant international efforts and initiatives. The innovation actions in this call are expected to offer particular opportunities to SMEs, together with the dedicated SME Instrument topic.  SC5-05a-2014: Climate change mitigation optionsSC5-09-2014: Consolidating the European Research Area on biodiversity and ecosystem servicesSC5-10a-2014: Enhancing mapping ecosystems and their servicesSC5-11a-2014: Mining of small and complex deposits and alternative miningSC5-12a-2014: Materials for electronic devicesSC5-13a-2014: Mineral deposits of public importanceSC5-14-2014: Consolidating global knowledge on the green economy in support of sustainable development objectives in Europe and internationallySC5-18a-2014: Coordinating European Observation Networks to reinforce the knowledge base for climate, natural resources and raw materialsSC5-19a-2014: Facilitating transnational cooperation between NCPs in Societal Challenge 5SC5-10b-2014: Structuring research on soil, land-use and land management in EuropeSC5-11b-2014: Flexible processing technologiesSC5-13b-2014: Strategic international dialogues and cooperation on raw materials with technologically advanced countriesSC5-08-2014: Preparing and promoting innovation procurement for soil decontamination




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