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Bio based industries PPP



The 2016 Call encourages collaboration through partnerships that cut across traditional industry boundaries. Unlike other Calls, this time the proposals do not have to be linked to a specific value chain.


This year’s Call is expected to be more inclusive than ever before, as it reaches out to innovators who can turn their research into new and improved industrial processes. It is the latest in a series of Calls for Proposals launched by the BBI JU, whose programme is designed to support the coherent development of Europe’s bio-based economy. The focus of the BBI programme does not stop at the research or pilot phase, but continues with demonstration projects, through the creation of small scale production plants which can be used to explore elements such as proof-of-concept, sustainability and competitiveness. And the so-called ‘flagship projects’ are innovative first-of-a-kind production plants in Europe. In thiscase funding is made available for the innovative aspects of such plants, and not the entire infrastructure. While this approach already exists in many other parts of the world, it is entirely new for Europe Opgepast - er zijn 27 verschillende call topics! BBI-2016-D01: Improve sustainability of value chains based on forest biomass and increase productivity and profitability on supply side by adapting forests to climate changes BBI-2016-D02: Improvement and adaptation of industrial crop varieties and novel sources of biomass to diversify biomass feedstock for biorefineries  BBI-2016-D03: Valorisation of lignin and other side-streams to increase efficiency of biorefineries and increase sustainability of the whole value chain BBI-2016-D04: New and optimised biorefinery approaches enabling the creation of local value chains in underdeveloped or unexploited areas BBI-2016-D05: Bio-based polymers/plastic materials with new functionalities for medical, construction, automotive and textile industries BBI-2016-D06: Valorisation of the organic content of Municipal Solid Waste and contributing to the renewable circular economy BBI-2016-D07: Optimise technical production routes to bio-based chemicals in bio- or chemo-catalytic processes BBI-2016-D08: New sources of proteins for animal feed from co-products to address the EU protein gap BBI-2016-D09: Biomass production on unused land for conversion into added-value products while ‘boosting rural and industrial development’ BBI-2016-F01: Valorisation of by-products or waste-streams from the food processing industry into high added-value products for market applications BBI-2016-F02: Converting bio-based feedstocks via chemical building blocks into advanced materials for market applications BBI-2016-R01: Valorisation of the organic content of wastewater as feedstock, contributing to the renewable circular economy BBI-2016-R02: Develop consolidated bioprocesses for direct fermentation into bio-compounds for chemicals and materials BBI-2016-R03: Improve control over microorganism growth in bio-catalysis operations in order to reduce/avoid contamination without antibiotics BBI-2016-R04: Flexible biorefining technologies able to handle different feedstock, leading to new value chains or enlarging existing ones by using the same processing plant BBI-2016-R05: Advanced biomaterials for smart food packaging BBI-2016-R06: Bio-based alternatives to improve protection of human health and the environment BBI-2016-R07: Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for high performance applications BBI-2016-R08: Emerging technologies for conversion of the organic content of Municipal Solid Waste and improving waste-to-chemicals value chains BBI-2016-R09: Exploiting algae and other aquatic biomass for production of molecules for pharma, nutraceuticals, food additives and cosmetic applications BBI-2016-R10: Industrial biotransformation for the production of bio-based chemicals BBI-2016-R11: Recover and reuse enzymes to reduce costs of existing industrial processes BBI-2016-R12: Emerging technologies for separation and purification of fermentation products to obtain high grade bio-based molecules at industrial level BBI-2016-S01: A roadmap for the chemical industry to a bioeconomy BBI-2016-S02: Bioeconomy related open access research infrastructure and assessing its capabilities for industry driven development projects BBI-2016-S03: Open-innovation Platform strengthening cooperation and joint development of bio-based industries and downstream sectors BBI-2016-S04: Clustering and networking for new value chains 



188, 65 MEUR 



  • small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • secondary and higher education establishments; 
  • non-profit legal entities, including those carrying out research or technological development as one of their main objectives;
  • the Joint Research Centre;
  • international European interest organisations. 

Info & contact

Meer infoAlle documenten voor de verschillende topic calls zijn beschikbaar op de participants portal van de Europese Commissie.  Werkprogramma BBI 2016 Website van BBI Contact in Vlaanderen Nico Deblauwe ▪ AdviseurAgentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen Entiteit Europese en internationale samenwerkingnico.deblauwe@vlaio.be ▪ +32 2 432 43 00 


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