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ACP-EU Energy Facility II - Energy and Fragility



The  Global  objective  of  this  Call  for  Proposals  is  to  contribute  to  the  achievement  of  the  Millennium Development  Goals  (MDG)  on  poverty  alleviation,  as  well  as  of  the  World  Summit  on  Sustainable Development (WSSD) objectives on energy, while helping to fight against climate change.  The Specific objective of this Call for Proposals is to increase and improve access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy services for rural and peri-urban poor by focusing on renewable energy solutions as well as on energy efficiency measures.  Priorities  For a proposed action (project) to be eligible for financing under this Call for Proposals, it must first of all fall under the above objectives. Furthermore the action will have to adhere to the following priorities:  

  • Reduce Fragility, Post-conflict recovery: actions in line with the specific objective of the Call will specifically  target  areas  affected  by  post-conflicts  impacts  and/or  natural  hazards  (such  as  droughts, floods, etc.) impacts. Will be considered for funding only actions providing access to energy services to not less than 10,000 people by the end of the project duration whilst priority will be given to projects demonstrating higher efficiency through providing access to a higher number of people.  
  • Geographical Focus: concentrate on the target group, i.e. poor people living in scattered settlements, villages,  rural  areas  of  the  following  target  countries:  Burundi,  Central African  Republic,  Liberia, Mali and Somalia. 
  • Ownership: anchor ownership of a project to the beneficiary and to ensure the coherence and alignment of the project with Local, National or Regional Development Plans and other sector-specific, poverty reduction and energy-related policies.  


 The Community provisional funding available for the call for proposals is: Global Budget: 15.00 M€


(1)  In order to be eligible for a grant, the applicant must: 

  • be legal persons and  
  • belong to one of the following categories: 
  1. non-state actors (NSA), including actors under private law entrusted with a public function related to Energy (public utilities, parastatal, semi-public or private with a legally valid concession or any agreement  needed  depending  on  the  legal  requirements  in  each  targeted  country)  at  municipal  or regional  level or  
  2. State (local, regional and national) actors or 
  3. ACP regional organisations and 
  • be established in 
  1. a Member State of the European Union or
  2. an EEA Member State (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or  
  3. an  official  EU  candidate  country  (Iceland,  Montenegro,  Serbia,  Turkey,  The  Former  Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) or 
  4. one of the ACP countries or
  5. another Least Developed Country (LDC) as defined by the United Nations and included in section 

Furthermore, considering that proposed actions will take place exclusively in least developed countries as  defined  by  the  OECD/Development  Assistance  Committee  (DAC)  10  reciprocal access  shall  be granted to the members of the aforementioned Committee and 

  • be  directly  responsible  for  the  preparation  and  management  of  the  action  with  the  co-applicant(s)  and affiliated entity(ies), not acting as an intermediary. 


(2)  The potential applicant may not participate in calls for proposals or be awarded grants if it is in any of the  situations  listed  in  Section  2.3.3  of  the  Practical  Guide  to  contract  procedures for  EU  external actions (available from the following Internet address: 


In Part B section 8 of the grant application form (‘Declaration by the applicant’), the applicant must declare that the applicant himself, the co-applicant(s) and affiliated entity(ies) are not in any of these situations. 

If  awarded  the  Grant  contract,  the  applicant  will  become  the  Beneficiary  identified  as  the Coordinator  in annex E3h1 (Special conditions). The Coordinator is the main interlocutor of the Contracting Authority. It represents  and  acts  on  behalf of any  other  co-beneficiary  (if  any)  and coordinate  the  design  and implementation of the Action.


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