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Interreg V Noordwest Europa



The INTERREG North-West Europe (NWE) Programme is a transnational European Territorial Cooperation Programme funded by the European Union. The areas involved in the NWE Programme are Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and parts of France, Germany and the Netherlands. Prioritiy 1: InnovationPriority 1 focuses on enhancing the innovation performance in NWE. The NWE Programme uses the following definition for ‘enhance innovation performance’: “to better exploit research outcomes for the development of new technologies, products, processes and services generating an impact on the social, demographic, spatial, economic and environmental conditions of NWE territories”.Specific Objectives

  • SO1 To enhance innovation performance of enterprises throughout NWE regions

 Prioritiy 2: Low Carbon The Programme addresses the challenge of finding ways to reduce GHGs to meet climate change goals. This is not an easy challenge, the NWE area is highly urbanised, and urban areas are major sources of GHG emissions.

  • SO2: To facilitate the implementation of low-carbon, energy and climate protection strategies to reduce GHG emissions in NWE
  • SO3: To facilitate the uptake of low carbon technologies, products, processes and services in sectors with high energy saving potential, to reduce GHG emissions in NWE
  • SO4: To facilitate the implementation of transnational low-carbon solutions in transport systems to reduce GHG-emissions in NWE.

Prioritiy 3: Resource and materials efficiencyWith growing pressure on the world’s resources and on the environment, it is important for NWE to promote the transition to a resource-efficient and ultimately regenerative circular economy (rather than a ‘throw away’ economy). 

  • SO5: To optimise (re)use of material and natural resources in NWE

 De tweede subsidieoproep heeft een deadline op 30 november 2015. 


Target groups and beneficiariesThe Programme is aimed at two groups. Projects financed by the Programme are delivered by a set of organisations acting as project partners (Beneficiaries). These deliver solutions and benefits for the end-users of project activities (Target Groups). The beneficiaries include, among others:

  • Governmental organisations (local, regional, national and international);
  • Civil society stakeholders (for example third-sector organisations such as NGOs and non-profit organisations);
  • Education and knowledge institutions, including private or semi-public research organisations;
  • Intermediate bodies, such as chambers of commerce, development agencies, cluster organisations, technology transfer offices;
  • Enterprises, including social enterprises;

 The target groups to benefit from the project activities include, among others:

  • Enterprises, including SMEs;
  • Excluded population or population at risk for exclusion, or other forms of communities under pressure;
  • Households and inhabitants in the NWE area;
  • Governmental organisations;
  • Civil society stakeholders.

Info & contact

Meer lezen: http://www.nweurope.eu/5b/ Vlaams Contactpunt: Carolien Ruebens, 02 553 37 29, E carolien.ruebens@agentschapondernemen.be

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