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Conferentie over verantwoord(e) onderzoek & innovatie

PXL Energie Speeddate

Future land use of rural and peri-urban areas

eseia Professionele Training rond Green Mobility en System Integration

Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion

Infosessie e-loket PDPO (Leader, omgevingskwaliteit en P+) -

Studiedag circulaire economie

ERRIN Opening Science Seminar on University and Higher Education Response to the Migrant and Refugee Crisis

Workshop 'Cross-cutting Key Enabling Technologies for Health'

Sixth Platform Event of Regional Innovation Monitor Plus on Industrial Applications of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Information Day on the 2017 calls for proposals of Horizon 2020's Societal Challenge 5 "Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials"

Factories of the Future Conference 2016: Materialising Factories 4.0

FWO infosessie over ERC Starting Grants en Consolidator Grants

Infodag nieuwe calls H2020 energie-efficiëntie

European Day without a Road Death

EuroTech Universities High Level Event “Opening up Science, Advancing Innovation”

Bent u een project voor Horizon 2020 met deadline in 2017 aan het voorbereiden? Samenwerken met een 'design-actor' kan je kans op succes verhogen.

Horizon 2020 'Smart cities and communities' infodag

Meertaligheid: kracht of klacht?

Conferentie: EU Budget Focused on Results Conference

2016 Information Day on the Horizon 2020 'Smart, green and integrated transport'

QED Conference on Mobile Health in Europe - Changing Health and Care

Science and Policy Making: towards a new dialogue - The 2nd International Network for Government Science Advice Conference

Info day on Horizon 2020 'Smart Grids and Storage'

FWO infosessie over MSCA Innovative Training Networks en Research and Innovation Staff Exchange

European Week of Regions and Cities

Info day on Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 6 'Europe in a Changing World - Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies'

Enhance Regional Innovation and Growth: possibilities for integrated funding through regional cooperation with Joint Undertakings (JUs)

FOOD 2030: Research & Innovation
 for Tomorrow's Nutrition & Food Systems

Expert Workshop on R&D priorities and benchmarking of Smart Industrial Components from FoF projects

Horizon 2020 Information Day on the Research Public-Private Partnerships

Save the date: European Consumer Summit 2016

Brabantdag - Provinciehuis Leuven - Van Stella tot Solar

High level conference on Mainstreaming gender equality into academic and research organisations

ERRIN Energy Brokerage - Project Development Workshop on the 2017 Horizon 2020 call topics

Science meets parliaments

Dragon-STAR Plus Business tour to Shenzhen, China

Info day on call "Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar"

‘Inclusive Smart Cities: A European Manifesto on Citizen Engagement’ Conference

Circular Economy Mission to China

Kansen in Europa rond sport en bewegen voor de lokale besturen

Project Development Day - Skills are key !