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Shaping Our Digital Future: From Vision to Implementation

7 December 2021 09:00 – 15:00

The current health and economic crisis has contributed to accelerating the digital transformation process. On the one hand this is good news as it led to a quantum leap in effectiveness and efficiency as well, when developing “smart solutions”. On the other hand, is there a price we pay for these benefits?

​​​​The NTNU European Conference will explore this double edge of digitalization around various issues:

  • Which future are we creating according to the designed strategies and priorities?
  • How will enhanced digitalisation impact people's daily lives, products, and services? ​​​​​​
  • What will be the role and contribution that Education and Research can provide to develop the needed amount of Innovation to fulfil the targeted objectives?

These and other questions will be addressed during the conference starting with a peek into the future and covering specific case studies. A final panel will discuss the role of the involved stakeholders and the tools that will contribute to achieving the digital transformation objectives.

The event will take place online and physically in Brussels (Renaissance Brussels Hotel).
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Shaping Our Digital Future: From Vision to Implementation
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