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Call for competitive low-carbon energy 2014-2



One of the major challenges Europe will face in the coming decades is to make its energy system clean, secure and efficient, while ensuring EU industrial leadership in low-carbon energy technologies.  To help achieve such ambitious objectives, this call aims at developing and accelerating the time to market of affordable, cost-effective and resource-efficient technology solutions, to decarbonise the energy system in a sustainable way, to secure energy supply and to complete the energy internal market in line with the objectives of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) and of the related energy legislation (notably the Renewable Energy and CCS Directives) and energy policies designed to deliver the 2020 targets and to shape energy market frameworks for 2030 and 2050.  The scale and ambition of research and innovation needed requires enhanced cooperation between all stakeholders, including the EC, Member State administrations at national, regional and local level, the industry, the research community and society at large.  Time is pressing. The solutions that will be developed and rolled out to the market in the next ten years will form the backbone of the energy system for many years ahead. Besides, the energy system needs to evolve to accommodate, among others, much higher levels of integration of renewable energy. It is essential that energy market stakeholders from both the public and private sectors should understand, accept and implement market up-take measures and procedures cost-effectively at national, regional and local levels. It is also important for society to understand the existing challenges and the implications of their possible solutions, so as to build confidence amongst investors and to ensure sustained public acceptance.  Specifieke onderdelen:  LCE-03-2014: Demonstration of renewable electricity and heating/cooling technologiesLCE-12-2014: Demonstrating advanced biofuel technologiesLCE-19-2014: Supporting coordination of national R&D activitiesLCE-20-2014: The human factor in the energy system  




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