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New forms of Innovation 2014



There is great potential for Europe to improve productivity and foster competitiveness with knowledge, creativity and new technologies. New forms of innovation, such as public sector innovation, social innovation and new business models, can play a big role in overcoming the crisis and creating opportunities for growth, and are specifically addressed by this call.  The modernisation of public administrations is one of the priorities of the European policy in order to exit the crisis and create growth and jobs. ICT can be an important enabler to facilitate this innovation process, as the take-up of new technologies increases connectivity, collaboration and openness. Moreover, the introduction of new processes will also transform the interaction between citizens, businesses and civil servants. These activities are in line with the Digital Agenda for Europe Flagship Initiative of the EU 2020 strategy and the eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015. Opening up and sharing assets in an open government context - making data, services and processes open - enables collaboration and increases bottom-up, participative forms of service design, production and delivery. This will also require cultural changes by the collaborating actors, often facilitated by showcasing and awareness of best practices.  The Innovation Union Flagship Initiative in 2010 as part of the EU2020 strategy for growth and jobs aims to create a vibrant, innovation-based economy. As its 34 policy commitments have been turned into action and the European Research Area Partnership for Excellence and Growth has been reinforced, it is time to assess the economic impact as well as to foster new forms of innovation. New knowledge on business models innovation and business models for SMEs in any sector of the economy can highly impact on European competitiveness and job creation. Open innovation and engagement of citizens and civil society are also important dimensions of innovative societies. Specifieke onderdelen: INSO-1-2014: ICT-enabled open governmentINSO-3-2014: The economic impact of the Innovation UnionINSO-7-2014: Towards joint programming under Horizon 2020INSO-2-2014: Understanding and supporting business model innovationINSO-6-2014: Platform for ICT for Learning and InclusionINSO-8-2014: Synchronised Call initiatives    




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