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Ambient Assisted Living: Care for the future



Steeds vaker zetten overheden ICT in voor de zorg voor ouderen.  Daarom zet de volgende subsidieoproep van Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in op de ontwikkeling van ICT-oplossingen voor duurzame zorgsystemen voor ouderen.  AAL zoekt naar nieuwe concepten die de patiënt centraal zetten en die optimaal gebruik maken van informele verzorgers in de eigen omgeving.  The 2014 Call Challenge of the AAL Programme aims at funding the development and testing of ICT-based solutions in real life situations which enable and support sustainable care models for older adults. Applicants should consider:

  • How ICT-based solutions reconcile increased demand with limited resources;
  • How ICT-based solutions increase and facilitate the supply of formal and informalcare for older adults;
  • How ICT-based solutions reduce the demand for care through prevention and self-management;
  • How ICT-based solutions can support the shift towards better care at home and in the community.



32,807,000€This amount includes a contribution of up to 14,440,000 € by the European Communities.


  • Consortium composition of at least 3 independent eligible organizations (legal entities), from at least 3 different AAL Partner States participating in the Call for Proposals
  • Consortium must include at least one eligible for-profit business partner business partner
  • Consortium must include at least one eligible end-user organization
  • Size of the consortium: 3 – 10 partners

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