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Clean Ganga Europe Desk Conference

27 September 2018 09:00 – 18:00
BluePoint Conference Center, Brussels

Clean  Ganga  Europe  Desk  Conference  201827  September  2018  –Blue  Point  Centre,  BrusselsClean  Ganga  Europe  Desk  Conference  2018  offers  the  chance  to  connect  with  Indian  and  European  stakeholders  and  actors  with  a  common  vision  to  tackle  water  issues  in  India.  It  is  organised  within  the  cooperation  framework  of  the  India-EUWater  Partnership,  the  EU  Delegation  to  India,  VITO,  and  the  European  Technology  Platformon  Water  Supply  &  Sanitation  (WssTP),with  the  support  of  the  Indian  Embassy  for  Europe,  Luxembourg  and Belgium,  and  the  Belgium  India  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  Industry  (BICCI). 

Clean Ganga Europe Desk Conference

The event offers the unique chance for interested European institutions and companies to learn about upcoming opportunities for partnering with India on water related challenges, in particular regarding the cleaning of the Ganga River. Targeted contributions and discussions will link Indian and European stakeholders towards joint, future actions in Indian water resources management as well as Ganga Rejuvenation. Participants include the European Commission, Indian representatives and policy makers, investors and financial experts, scientists, water companies and SMEs.

The Clean Ganga Europe Desk Conference 2018 is a one-day event with three sessions:

  1. EU-India Water Dialogue: policy perspectives and opportunities
  2. Investment initiatives and inspiring testimonial projects
  3. Opportunities and matchmaking-Water Market India (including the opportunity for participants to show case pilot demonstration ideas using posters)

To register to the Conference please go to the following link.

You can download the program here.

Questions? Email info@CgangaEUdesk.eu 

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