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Adapting to Climate Change: are our solutions working?

20 February 2019 15:00 – 18:00
European Parliament, Room TBC

Climate change and its impact on society and ecosystems is a global challenge and the White Rose Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York aim to provide effective policy and solutions to these problems.

Underpinned by robust research, our speakers will focus on key climate change policy areas and the work being conducted over our global networks to enhance our physical, technological, economic and social understanding of climate change with strategies for mitigation and adaptation.

Adapting to Climate Change: are our solutions working?

Chaired by Professor Dave Petley, Vice-President for Research and Innovation, University of Sheffield and hosted by Seb Dance MEP, member of the Environment, Food and Public Health Committee, we will be showcasing three research areas conducted by our academics, plus an overview of the latest in European climate policy from DG CLIMA (tbc).

Professor Duncan Cameron, Co-director of the Plant Production and Protection (P3) Centre, University of Sheffield,will tackle the area of food security through his 2017 Nature paper on energy consumption within the wheat to bread supply chain and its policy implications. Professor Lisa Emberson, Centre Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York will present her work on air pollution and climate change within a ‘climate smart agriculture’ framework to support the development of national action plans and national pledges for mitigation.
Professor Lea Berrang-Ford, Priestley Chair in Climate and Health, University of Leeds, will describe how her work on ‘The Adaptation Gap’ 2017 UN Environmental Report, explores the key opportunities and challenges associated with assessing progress on adaptation at the global level.

We will also have a speaker from DG CLIMA (tbc) to explain how the European Commission formulates and implements climate policies and strategies at the European and international level. After the Panel, there will be Q&A and discussion of the research and its application to future policy. A drinks reception from 1800 will follow the event for networking.

Register here. For any queries please contact Aya-Nay Haddad at a.n.haddad@whiterose.ac.uk

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